Rumour: Bioshock Coming to the iPhone

More news from GDC in the form of a Bioshock rumour.  The idea of the critically acclaimed console shooter coming to the iPhone is not new, as it is already confirmed for other mobile platforms.  But here’s what ex-MTV Multiplayer blog writer Patrick Klepek had to say regarding IG Fu CEO Sean Malatesta at the Game Developers Conference today:

Malatesta’s presentation outlined his company’s successes and failures in bringing BioShock to the mobile format. He discussed the iPhone’s current impact on the mobile market, calling it a “bridging” device between handhelds and mobile phones.

As for BioShock coming to the iPhone..?

“Honestly, I can’t comment on BioShock on iPhone right now,” he said. “It’s top secret.”

Enough said.

It makes sense that we’d see Bioshock hit the iPhone, because of the success other developers have found with the platform and the game coming to other mobile platforms.  Keep your eyes peeled for more news on Bioshock for the iPhone in the future.

Source: Push the Button

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