Rolando 2 Coming this June, Rolando 3 Drops in November

Today kicked off the first day of the Game Developers Conference in San Fransisco.  Neil Young (CEO) from ngmoco presented his keynote speech today, and it held a lot of great details on their upcoming titles.  First off, for the first Rolando, an additional fifteen new and free levels will be coming along as updates until Rolando 2 is released in June.

Rolando 2 will feature four worlds, and 36 levels in total.  These levels will then be complimented by updates to add twenty more levels, just as the original Rolando was treated to.  Following these updates, Rolando 3 will come out in November.  Again, new levels will be added over time for the third title in the series.

An interesting note was that Young mentioned that ngmoco and Secret Exit (Zen Bound) are collaborating on a new game.  There were no specific details mentioned.

This all sounds like great news for fans of Rolando.  With free updates and two sequels to the series this year, there will always be lots of content to play through.  Watch out for more details here.

Source: iPGN

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