Let’s Golf! Review: Tees Off on iPhone with Success

Let’s golf! is a fully 3-D golfing game, published by Gameloft and priced at $5.99. Once you begin playing, the similarities to the Hot Shots Golf series are immediately apparent. Before playing a round, you choose a cartoon like character who can be fully customized. You then play through holes on several different locales, while trying to beat the computers’ score.  Let’s take a look a bit deeper into the gameplay of Let’s golf!.

When starting the game, you have several options of gameplay types.  The Instant Play and Free Hole modes are good to get a quick feel for the game and jumping right in.  To play through the “story” mode to unlock new levels and items for characters, you’ll need to go through the Tournament mode.  It offers four different courses with 18 holes each, and three difficulty levels to play each on.  You can also choose your character from four choices, and equipping items that you’ve unlocked on your character can increase their stats.

Before you even tee off on the first hole, Let’s golf! has a camera swoop over the map and show the hole before you start.  The graphics at this point are really impressive, and they remain strong for the whole game.  When you’re ready to tee off, to shoot, you tap once to time your power, and tap again at the right time to drive your shot straight.  It’s a common system in golf games, and it works well.  Everything is customizable on your shots; you can select your club, aiming, distance and power. When you make it onto the green and it’s time to putt, the green is shown as a grid with marching ants to illustrate the slope of the land.  It’s effective and keeps the game challenging.

While there are only four courses, they will easily keep you busy and coming back.  To beat courses, you need to place in the top three versus the AI opponents.  This will give you a chance to get a new piece of equipment to equip a character with.  With each character having a total of 18 items to equip, there’s a lot to fill in your time with.  A nine hole round will take you between five to ten minutes, depending on how much time and attention to detail you take on your shots.

Let’s golf! includes local multiplayer over wi-fi, and a pass-the-phone around version of multiplayer.  It’s too bad that multiplayer over the internet wasn’t supported, but hopefully Gameloft will patch it into the game in a future update.

I really, truly have no complaints about Let’s golf!.  The reasonable price tag of $5.99 brings lots of fun gameplay, great graphics and an appropriate soundtrack.  I found myself turning back for another quick round of golf with this application more than any other game.  Gameloft have delivered another top quality game to the iPhone with this release, and are really setting the bar high for other developers.  I’m recommending Let’s golf! to all gamers on the iPhone, whether you’ve teed off before or not!


Buy Let’s golf! on the App Store by Gameloft.

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