LiveFire Gameplay Video, a MultiPlayer FPS by ngmoco

The upcoming multiplayer game from ngmoco, LiveFire, has a new video out today.  It shows off a four player multiplayer test.  The game is to have local and online multiplayer when it is released.  LiveFire was first announced earlier this week at the Apple 3.0 Firmware event.

The game controls as a fully first-person shooter in full 3-D environments.  It will also be featuring DLC.  From this video, it looks like the game is shaping up to be a hit multiplayer game.  On the topic of DLC, here’s what ngmoco had to say:

With In-app Commerce, it’s important to point out that although it will be possible to purchase content and/or features directly within a game, ngmoco will always give the highest priority to game balance and the integrity of the core experiences of our games. We won’t use In-app Commerce in ways that break our games, but we do think there are a lot of interesting ways to use the feature to enhance our games over time. In this post I’ll shine a light onto some of the ideas we’re exploring internally. We want to consider external as well as internal feedback as we refine our thinking.

I showed how the “touch anywhere” controls work to allow for simultaneous movement, look/aim, crosshair zoom and jump (using shake). The control scheme for LiveFire is the next evolution in the ‘touch anywhere’ system first developed in our game Dropship and refined for FPS. When Tim popped out from behind cover, I opened up with a double-tap, which allowed me to spray and aim at the same time. But it was too late.  Tim took me out. Then I used push to call for help from Neil, who joined as the third player and member of my team.  Then I used In-app Commerce to buy a rocket launcher and together Neil and I hunted Tim down … and blew him away.  The environment was more of a proving ground than a final look, but it did the job for the demo. Expect the game itself to evolve considerably in the coming weeks. We’ll also reveal more details of our SDK 3.0 feature integration as we go.

The In-app Commerce implementaton in LiveFire is still being designed, so nothing we showed was final.  But we were able to demonstrate that the feature works. The design direction is to allow players to earn credits within the game that can be used to redeem upgrades in the form of new weapons, armor and other gear to modify their capabilities in combat. The more you play and the greater your skill, the more credits you will earn relative to players who rarely play — not unlike an EXP system.  So it’s fair to assume that dedicated players will have some pretty awesome gear earned during the course of playing.

Since it is being developed for the 3.0 firmware, you can expect to see LiveFire launching at the earliest this summer.  I’d also recommend reading the full article that was quoted above, as ngmoco has an interesting blog post discussing the implications of DLC from their point of view.

Source: ngmoco blog and gamemakers @ ngmoco.

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