iPhone OS 3.0 Brings DLC to Games

Today, Apple held a media event to share news on the next iPhone OS, version 3.0. The event held big details for the future of iPhone gaming, so let’s dig right in.

Your wallet is about to cry – downloadable in-game content is coming to apps in the next iPhone and iPod Touch firmware. This success of the addition of DLC will depend heavily on how developers implement it. As of now, many games put out updates with new, free levels and characters. With the option of DLC available, that may mean that these previously free updates would now be pay-to-play. Regardless, this new option for developers and gamers is certainly exciting.

Other interesting updates included:

  • peer-to-peer connectivity for ad-hoc gaming
  • iPod music library access for games
  • in-game voice

There were a couple of games previewed as well.  The Sims 3 from EA made a showing, as did Touch Pets and LiveFire, both from ngmoco.  Touch Pets is a virtual pet simulator, while LiveFire is a first person shooter.  Shirt packs were shown as example DLC in Touch Pets, selling for $1 to dress up your dog.

Look out for the new firmware and features this summer.  The update will be free for iPhone users, but with iPod Touch users having to pay $9.99 to upgrade.

Watch the full event at apple.com to see gameplay videos of the above mentioned games.

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