Resident Evil Degeneration Invades iPhone this Spring

Resident Evil Degeneration will become an iPhone game, reports Pocket Gamer.  The game will play as an over the shoulder shooter, like Resident Evil 4.  Here are the details so far:

It seems that Degeneration is coming to the iPhone, and it appears to borrow quite heavily from the excellent Resident Evil 4 styling.

You’ll be able to view the action over Leon’s shoulder as he attempts to break through the zombie infested airport, aiming by sliding your finger around the screen and moving with a virtual D-pad.

Resident Evil prides itself as one of the top horror series ever made, and it’s really exciting to see the series coming to the iPhone.  Some of the defining aspects of the series include ammo management, collecting herbs to mix and combine them for health, and of course, zombie killing.  We should be seeing a release date of this spring for Degeneration.

Source: Pocket Gamer

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