Metal Gear Solid Touch Launches March 19th, $9.99

Metal Gear Solid Touch has been priced and dated.  It is now only five days before going live, and will be priced at $9.99.  G4tv conducted an interview with both Yasuyo Watanabe, the game’s producer, and Ikuya Nakamura, the game’s director.  The game was created as a retelling of MGS4, with enemies and characters returning in this version.  Here are some of the more interesting questions and answers:

G4: Kojima Productions is known for taking advantage of new hardware for some great gameplay. How will multi-touch change the way we control Snake?

Ikuya Nakamura, Director: The theme for MGSTouch is “Simple MGS.”

As a result, we have come up with a simple, yet strategic control scheme that takes advantage of the unique strengths of the iPhone/iPod Touch platform.

G4: How does the actual gameplay work with targeting and shooting? Is it an on-rails shooter? How much control do you actually have with Snake?

Nakamura: Players can trace their finger along the screen to move the targeting sight, then tap the screen to fire at enemies. Headshots are possible.

In addition, you can pinch out on the screen to switch Snake‘s weapon to a sniper rifle, or lift your finger from the screen to take cover and hide behind walls.

G4: As far as the story is concerned, is everything taking place within MGS4’s story line, or is there any additional content that builds on the story of MGS4?

Nakamura: MGSTouch is a retelling of MGS4‘s storyline.

G4: The trailer shows the return of the Beauty and the Beasts – will the other MGS4 cast members return, as well? Will you earn money to spend in Drebin’s shop to get new weapons and upgrade them?

Nakamura: Nearly all of the enemies who appeared in MGS4 will appear in MGSTouch.

In addition, players will be able collect Drebin points and trade them in for exclusive iPhone/iPod Touch wallpapers available only through MGSTouch.

This is a big change for Konami and the series by going onto the iPhone.  It looks like Konami is dedicated to putting out a quality game in MGSTouch and we’re looking forward to seeing it come out this March 19th.

Read the full interview at G4tv.

Source: TouchArcade.

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