WordsWorth Review: Giving Word Game Fans More Fun

As the title of the game says, WordsWorth is a word play game for the iPhone and iPod Touch, published by 99Games.  But how does it stack up against the already crowded word game market on the iPhone?  Let’s take a look.

Your job is to spell out words presented on tiles in front of you.  Letters are placed out of order all over the screen, and you make words by touching letters beside each other.  When that word is spelled out, those tiles disappear and new ones drop down from the top to fill the space.  While this is the basis of the game, there is some variety.  If you get stuck, you can tap a button to have new tiles filled in.  Your penalty for this is always a bomb tile, which needs to be used in a word before the timer fills up and the game ends.  There are also free letter tiles that can be substituted for any letter when making a word.

When starting a game, you can choose between Classic Mode or Timed Mode.  In classic, there is no timer so you can take your time to make as big a word as you can.  In timed, the timer can end the game on you if you don’t make it to the next level by stringing words together.  The bigger the words, the more points you get and the closer to the next level.  If you make it to the next level, more time is added and you continue on your way.

The music in the game sounds good, almost like something out of a Tim Burton movie.  But I have my complaints — the track seems to be under two minutes long, and has an awkward gap before looping over again.  And this is the single track in the game, which gets really repetitive.  Another problem is the lack of an increasing difficulty level.  By level eight or so in the Timed Mode, I felt like there was no reason to continue as the difficulty was not increasing and I could continue playing forever.

WordsWorth did do a good job of letting you set lots of options to play with.  The word list used can be changed, with the default set to the official word list used by Scrabble players.  Even the grid size can be changed, scrambles allowed per level, and more.  There is also a top list that holds names for weekly, monthly, and all time high scores.  The scoreboard is also available on the web, which is a nice touch.

While not for everyone, WordsWorth is recommended for word game fans who are looking for a new experience on the iPod Touch and iPhone.


Download WordsWorth for $1.99 by 99Games or try WordsWorth Lite for free.

2 thoughts on “WordsWorth Review: Giving Word Game Fans More Fun

  1. Thanks for the detailed review and the feedback. We’ll sure worn on getting the sound loops fixed soon… Thanks again for helping us spread the word on WordsWorth out!

  2. Another major update of WordsWorth just hit the App Store. The game now lets you choose between the old Classic theme and a brand new Glossy theme!
    Choose the look you like and continue to enjoy WordsWorth! 🙂

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