First Screenshots of Topple 2

Allen at the ngmoco blog has given everyone a brief look at Topple 2 in the form of three screenshots.  The most impressive one of the batch is the enormously vertical map shot.  Here’s what Allen had to say:

First off, the main menu.  As you can see, we totally revamped the look and feel.  You’ll also noticed we added some new modes, including wifi versus and an all new challenge mode that allows for asynchronous multiplayer competition via email!

Here’s a shot of one of our new gameplay modes.  We call it Balancer.  The objective is to stack two towers on the scales while keeping the distribution even.  You lose if the two towers touch each other, but of course, you get huge bonuses for crossing the goal line with perfect balance.

Lastly, check out our new world map.  Fans of Topple will notice that there are a lot more levels and level progression.

The screenshots:




Source: ngmoco

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