Sky Force Reloaded Review: Vertical Shooting Fun!

Sky Force Reloaded is a well polished, vertical scrolling game that will keep you busy on your iPod Touch for hours on end.  If you’ve never played a vertical scrolling shooter before, the idea is simple.  You look top down over the land, and your job is to control a plane and shoot everything, without getting taken down yourself.

The first thing you notice about Sky Force Reloaded are the controls.  It’s very important in a game like this to be precise, because often times you need to navigate through some tricky bullets coming at you.  Infinite Dreams have done well pulling this off.  You control the plane with your finger, and the plane sits just in front of your finger so you can see it at all times.  It will also always be shooting, so there’s no need to worry about controlling your shots.  Your plane slightly trails your finger, so if you move your finger quickly across the screen it will follow in a straight path.  This really does make it easy to control and you’re then able to get through incoming missiles.  The only problem that comes up is your finger covering the screen behind the plane.  When a turret shoots a rocket up towards you and you did not see it coming, it can be a pain.

With eight levels and three difficulties, there is a lot to keep you busy.  Passing a level not only means getting to the end, but also destroying a certain percentage of enemies from the level.  It’s annoying to come to the end of a level and be told it is incomplete even though you made it through, but there is an easy level that brings down this requirement. Any level that’s beaten is remembered, and you can then exit and continue the game at a later time at your unlocked levels.

When starting levels, you can choose from three different ships to play from, each with their own strengths and weaknesses.  From there, during the level your ship can be upgraded by items dropped from enemies.  Expect to have your guns get stronger, missiles added, and more as expected.  The variation in enemies wasn’t too large, but the game always remained fun.

The graphics are solid throughout and the game maintains a high-quality look and feel.  Visuals are complimented nicely by simple arcade style background music.  While the graphics won’t knock your socks off, they are in sync with other arcade shooters from the past and are as good as to be expected.

When it comes down to it, Sky Force Reloaded is an awesome game on the App Store and the best vertical scrolling shooter I’ve seen on the iPhone to date.  I really enjoyed playing it and got sucked into it easily, over and over again.  For the limited time price of $0.99, everyone should consider buying this app and having some fun!


Buy Sky Force Reloaded by Infinite Dreams.

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