Sky Force Releaded Drops into the App Store

Sky Force Reloaded is a vertical shooter developed by Infinite Dreams. In this game, you are flying a plane from a top down view and shooting enemies that are trying to take you out.  The game is played on a 2D surface, but Infinte Dreams have worked hard to create 3D environments below your plane.

The game boasts 8 large levels, a highscore list, and as expected, upgradeable weapons.  The most impressive part of the game appears to be the polish.  The gameplay looks solid and it seems Infinite Dreams have done a good port of the Sky Force series to the iPhone.

The game is launching for a limited time price of $0.99, so I’d recommend picking it up now before the price goes up.  For this price it’s hard to go wrong.

Check out the video for a quick glance at some gameplay.  Expect a review to follow soon.

Buy Sky Force Reloaded on the App Store.

Source: Sky Force hits AppStore @ iPGN

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