New Metal Gear Solid Touch Screenshots

Konami has put out new Metal Gear Solid Touch screenshots again to keep Snake on everyone’s minds. The game is definitely look great, judging by the screenshots below.  Metal Gear Solid is a huge franchise, and no matter what the quality of the final game, it will be a successful release on the iPod Touch just by the size of the series’ fan base.  With Konami’s track record though, you can count on the game being top quality.

To play to the system’s strengths, gameplay here won’t be the traditional sneak around and shoot.  Firing at enemies is done by tapping them on the screen, with zooming done by the usual pinching the screen and unpinching. It may be different than what we are used to with Metal Gear Solid games, but I think everyone can appreciate the series coming to the iPod Touch.

Look for Metal Gear Solid Touch some time soon in the App Store, this month.






Sources: Wired, Metal Gear Solid Touch Official Site

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