Tapulous Servers Are Feeling the Heat

Tapulous have just put out their latest game, Tap Tap Revenge 2, and are struggling with technical issues.  Many users are having troubles downloading new songs, having the game crash, and more.  Tapulous has put out a quick response:

We’re also struggling to keep up with the huge surge in downloads and network activity. Yesterday, in 24 hours, more than 250,000 people downloaded Tap Tap Revenge 2! To put this in perspective, when the App Store launched last July, on our biggest day in the #1 spot on the App Store, we saw 100,000 downloads. Today, things are getting a little more busy: over the last hour, we have been seeing 30 to 50 new downloads PER SECOND – yup, that’s 2,000-3000 new users PER MINUTE. Andrew and I walked out of a meeting and over to a Starbucks, and in those 30 minutes 70,000 new users came online.

A quarter of a million downloads in 24 hours?  Congratulations, Tapulous!  Hopefully they’ll get the server issues sorted out sooner rather than later.  Expect an update to Tap Tap Revenge 2 in the next couple of days in the App Store.

Source: Tapulous Blog

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