App Store Roundup: Free Versions of Established Games

This app store roundup will take a look at games that come with free, trial versions, to play before you buy.  The theme for this post is games that became popular on other systems first, before coming to the iPhone.

These games have a head start, because they are a known name to users before buying.  With stiff competition in the App Store, a known name to a potential buyer can make a break the sales of a game.  With these big developers having experience making games for consoles, translating their success to this new platform can sometimes be a challenge.  For example, SEGA Mobile received a lot of criticism for the difficult controls in Super Monkey Ball.  While there is a demo out now, for months users struggled with the controls after purchasing and having no chance to try them before.

Let’s take a look at these  “lite” versions of popular games:

DanceDanceRevolution S (US)


Konami’s popular series Dance Dance Revolution makes its first entrance to the App Store.  Download the free version.



Think RPG meets puzzles: download the free version.

i Love Katamari


Roll yourself around levels and make as big a ball as you can!  Demo includes one level: download the free version.



Namco has a trial version of the ultimate classic, Pac Man.  Download the free version from the App Store.

Super Monkey Ball


Roll your monkey through levels by tilting the iPhone.  It’s easy to get a feel for the controls of the game by testing the demo before buying, especially with this one.  Download the free version from the App Store.

Spore Origins


While the iPhone version of Spore is essentially only a simple part of the full Spore game for PC, it’s worth trying the demo.  Download the free version.

Any games we’ve missed?  Let us know in the comments!

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